Short-term courses

General information about short-term courses

What are the short-term courses?

In addition to the basic U3A programme, there are courses with thematic focus, which include for instance learning foreign languages, computer technology or physical relaxation exercises. Some of these courses are offered to the general older public.

The programme and the course are only taught in Czech.

What are the admission conditions?

Only participants in long-term courses can enrol in language and PE courses. Anyone who has reached the retirement age can sign in the thematic courses.

Physical-education courses

About PE courses

Do you want to stay fit even in an older age? U3A offers a wide range of sport courses. Workout is suitable for those who want to stay active and meet new people.

The courses are only taught in Czech.

Courses offer

  • Aquaerobic
  • VITAL 60+
  • Fit at Any Age
  • SM-system
  • Exercise for Proper Posture

Thematic courses

About Thematic courses

In addition to the long-term courses of the basic program, we offer the opportunity to choose from a wide range of semester-long thematically focused courses, which cover current issues of the humanities and sciences or travel and sightseeing.

The courses are only taught in Czech.

Courses offer

  • Genealogy
  • Astronomy
  • Chapters from the History of a Modern Human, a.k.a. the trail in our DNA
  • Hispanophone South America: a World of many worlds
  • Memory Training
  • Brno Villas in Modern and Interwar Architecture
  • Cyber Security at Work on PCs in Senior citizens
  • Legends and Secrets of the Brno Underground

Language courses

About language courses

Are you into studying a foreign language? Or have you already mastered the basics and would like to improve? Choose from our offer and learn English, German, French or Spanish. The courses are tailored to seniors. They are designed to be comfortable and entertaining, but at the same time effective.

The courses are only taught in Czech.

Courses offer


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