The University of the Third Age at Masaryk University was founded in 1990 and has become an integral part of educational, social and cultural activities of the university.

Education offer

Anyone who is in the post-productive age can choose an educational programme from our offer of long-term courses. This offer is complemented by short-term courses, which focus on a specific theme. If people do not want to study regularly, they can choose from special lectures focused on interesting and current topics.

Long-term Courses

Long-term courses are specific one-year or multi-year educational programme. Individual lessons are 90 minutes long and take place once in 14 days from September to May.
The cornerstone of U3A education at MU is one- or several-year educational programmes, e.g. General Course, Art Course, Patrons and Artistic Styles in History, Cultural Heritage and Historic Preservation in Moravia, or University of the Third Age and the Moravian Museum.

Short-term courses

In addition to the basic U3A programme, there are courses with thematic focus, which include for instance learning foreign languages, computer technology or physical relaxation exercises. Some of these courses are offered to the general older public.

Special Lectures

Important political figures, outstanding scientists or artists express their views of professional topics or social themes as part of special lectures.

Special lectures are not intended only for U3A students but are also offered to the general older public.

What is the University of the Third Age?

The University of the Third Age (U3A) is a form of lifelong learning. It enables older people obtaining university-level education encouraging personal development.

U3A supports active lifestyle of the elderly, mediates the latest findings, knowledge and skills in a suitable form, fosters mental and physical vigour and independence of older people, stimulates their interest in current events, practical use of gained knowledge and active life attitudes.

U3A organizes various educational events for the elderly, ranging from traditional forms of education (long-term and short-term courses, special lectures, field trips, open-air art workshops) to activation programmes focussed, for instance, on a healthy lifestyle or diverse animation activities specifically designed for old-age pensioners.

More about U3A

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

Henry Ford

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