Art performed by Pensioners

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Project name:

Art performed by Pensioners

Project registration number:


Project implementation period:

4/2019 - 12/2019

Investor/Programme Framework/Project Type:

Czech Ministry of Culture / regional and national culture / supporting the cultural activity of older citizens and those with disabilities

Project objectives:

The aim of the project is to innovate the existing U3A courses with appropriate specific requirements of seniors so as to lead to further deepening and expanding the knowledge of older students in the field of culture, in particular music and visual arts, and strengthening interest in musical and arts activities. The music and art section is focused on strengthening existing and acquiring new theoretical knowledge, as well as on acquiring new and improving existing practical skills (playing a musical instrument, adopting basics of vocal technique, improving breathing coordination, maintaining lung capacity, learning the basics of drawing and painting, mastering artistic techniques, gaining an awareness of the aesthetic and creative aspects of photography, learning the main technical parameters of each image, understanding the most important compositional principles, improving the perception of light strengthening the ability to design simple composition, taking a photograph in common types of scenes – portrait, action, landscape, objects, etc.).

Project summary:

U3A MU has had experience in preparing and implementing activities for older people since 1990. The U3A programme is aimed at educating people in the post-productive age. Its core mission is to open up university resources, knowledge and skills to the elderly. The aim is to deepen the existing learning and to present new knowledge, disciplines and technologies otherwise inaccessible to senior citizens. The activities offered correspond to their interests and needs. At the same time, the study allows seniors to make new contacts, meet people with the same interests, and maintain an appropriate level of the quality of life. Music and art courses include theoretical lectures as well as practical exercises and are an integral part of education at the University of the Third Age. The content of the courses is adequately tailored to the target group and its needs. It emphasises active involvement of participants and the subsequent use of new skills in daily life.

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