Study rooms

U3A at Masaryk university offers its participants two self-study rooms – one is located at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the other at the Faculty of Education. Access to U3A study and computer rooms is managed by means of a smart card system. Assistants are present in the study rooms at all times.

Faculty of Social Studies

The study room at the Faculty of Social studies (located in the basement near the Krmítko café) consists of computer practice room a magazine reading hall for U3A participants and for students of the Institute of Regional Journalism and Media Analyses at the Faculty of Social Studies. The study room also includes its own library with both check-out and in-library loans (list of books), 4 computers with internet, TV, video, DVD and comfy seating.


Faculty of Education

There are 15 computers in the study room of the Faculty of Education. This study room is available to the U3A participants free of charge. An assistant is always present in the study room.


You can browse photos from the study rooms in our web photogallery.

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