2013/2014 Course outline

General course

This course lasts eight semesters and concentrates on issues of healthy and meaningful life-style at an older age. Multidisciplinary character of the programme is strictly maintained and all nine faculties of the university take part in creating the content of this course. The main goal of the course is to encourage active approach and offer information facilitating practical usage of earlier attained knowledge.


Art and artistic style in history

A three-year-long course focused on the main artistic productions, the origin curcumstances a influece in art. The whole course spreads over six semesters. The first year is focused on cooperation of architecture, sculptural and painting. In the second year participants are going to learn about collecting and ordering of art. And the third year is going to be about the news in field of art. 


Cultural heritage

This lecture cycle aims mainly at introducing cultural heritage and how to take care about it. The course is also designed to illustrate that cultural heritage is interlinked with other disciplines such as history of building construction, history of art, heritage preservation. The Cultural Heritage course also explains the basics of cultural management, cultural economics, cultural legislation and cultural animation. Cultural heritage course graduate gets a basic overview of an entire spectrum of professional activities such as research, management, cultural funding and animation, educational activities, protection and distribution of cultural goods. A special attention is paid to the fields of construction history and preservation. The lecture cycle takes place in the town of Telč.


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