About us

Mission and values

University of the Third age (abbreviated as U3A) is a set of life-long learning programmes focused on educating persons in the post-productive age. The main mission of the U3A education is to open university sources of knowledge, findings and skills to older persons. The U3A stated as its goal not only to deepen the existing knowledge but also to introduce new findings in fields and technologies otherwise inaccessible to older citizens. Masaryk University successfully runs U3A courses since 1990 and is considered one of the biggest and most sought after U3A in the Czech Republic.

Admission conditions

Anyone who has reached the eligibility age threshold for the old age pension and received a full secondary school education concluded by a secondary school-leaving exam can become a participant in a U3A programme. According to the Act no. 111/1998 Sb. providing for universities U3A participants are not considered to be university students.

U3A education

Education at the University of the Third Age takes the form of lectures or tutorials, seminars and educational excursions. The individual lectures are comprised of two 45 minutes lessons and take place once in a fortnight from September to May. Attendance sheets are signed in order to keep record of participants’ presence at the lectures. To complete a course successfully one has to be present at a minimum of three quarters of all lectures. U3A participants can also join in for  Themed Short-Term Courses. U3A participants may choose not to be assessed in any way during the course of the U3A study programme.


Education is free, only enrolment fee is paid on an annual basis. Enrolment fee for each year is decided by the vice-rector.
The enrolment fee for the academic year 2016/2017 for the General course, History of Art, U3A in the Moravian Museum, Gregor Johann Mendel and Cultural Heritage (in the town of Telč) was set at 800 CZK. Enrolment fee for U3A Graduate course is 400 CZK. Prices of the Themed Short-Term Courses vary according to the content of the course and are paid separately. 

Deadline for filing applications

Applications for the individual U3A long-term courses are filed through a special form between May and June in the office of the University of the Third Age at Masaryk university, located at Komenského nám. 2, Brno. It is possible to apply also electronically via the Shopping Centre of Masaryk university.

Study rooms and computer study rooms

U3A participants can use computer practice room including books and magazines study room at the Faculty of Social Studies and computer study room at the Faculty of Education. Access to U3A computer rooms is managed by means of a smart card system. Smart cards will be issued by the U3A employees upon request. For more details please see the Study rooms section.

Completing U3A study programmes

A U3A participant, who meets all the necessary requirements, becomes a graduate of a U3A programme. Masaryk university awards Certificates of Completion at a formal graduation ceremony, which is attended not only by representatives of all faculties but also the senior management of Masaryk university.

Further information

University of the Third Age at Masaryk University in Brno launched an intensive cooperation with the Seniorenkolleg of the Leipzig University in 2009. Since then, several week-long exchange visits were organised. Each of them was truly bursting with educational, cultural and physical activities.
For our U3A participants we publish textbooks linked either to the content of Themed courses or Special lectures. We have also published a book on history of Universities of the Third Age in Czech and English. We publish in journals and at expert conferences. We organise exhibitions of U3A participants’ artworks not only in the city of Brno but also abroad. We also have the opportunity to present our activities in TV shows devoted to education of the elderly.

What next?

U3A graduates have the opportunity to continue their education by attending a U3A Graduate Course, which offers education in four fields - humanities, health and hygiene, natural sciences, spiritual dimension and social sciences. U3A graduates may also enrol in other currently available long-term courses.

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