Welcome to the webpages of the University of the Third Age at the Masaryk University, which was founded in 1990 by the decision of the then university senior management as one of the forms of lifelong learning. Older people are becoming more and more interested in this kind of education. In 2001 there were 500 U3A participants, however in the academic year 2016/2017 there were already more than 2.500 U3A participants.

U3A education at Masaryk University is currently built up around long term (three- or four-year) and short-term courses (several weeks). All nine faculties of the university take part in creating the content of the U3A education. General Course (4 years), History of Art (3 years), Art and artistic style in history  (3 years), Cultural Heritage (3 years, takes place in the town of Telč), G. J. Mendel (1 year), University of the Third Age in the Moravian Museum (1 year) and U3A Graduate Course (1 year) are currently taught within the scope of the long term courses.

Themed Short-Term Courses are also offered beyond the scope of the U3A programme. These courses focus for example on ICT, foreign languages, physical education and relaxing activities, current issues in humanities and natural sciences. U3A participants can also take part in one-day study trips which are thematically related to the content of lectures or themed courses. Several dozens of such events take place during an academic year. We also cooperate with universities outside of the Czech Republic.

The tabs of this website enable you to explore all the important information concerning U3A organisation. You can also browse our photogallery and videorecordings of events that already took place within the scope of the U3A activities. If you happen to have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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